There are various ways you can access our services – we have something for everyone…

1 - Our fantastic facebook page

We LOVE facebook, it is where is is all happening for us! Lea does live feeds to update you on what is going on in store. Set us as a favourite and like /follow the page so that you wont miss a live feed. Live feeds give you information about current stock and we post about daily freebies that everyone can access. You can access all of our events and directions / contact details through facebook.

2 - Waste Warrior Online Store, Delivery or Click & Collect

Anyone can shop in the online store, the store is packed full of a huge variety of surplus stock, much of this is past it’s ‘best before’ dates, or frozen before it’s use expired by to extend its life. We encourage you to shop here if you are a waste warrior! We have lots of free items available every day, and we always offer those free items out in the deliveries. Shopping with us online supports our independent food bank and helps us to pay the rent and pay the electric (£800 each per week!). You can click and collect if you spend over £20, or arrange delivery if you live within the 10 mile radius we have set.

3 - Booked slots via Booksy For People In Financial Hardship

Booksy slots are for anyone in food poverty. These slots are £2 per person in your household (ie £8 for 4 people). For £2 each, you can get 4 days worth of food for your family. For £5 each you can get 7 days worth. We have a variety of chilled, frozen, fresh and ambient food and it is like a mini store with a volunteer supporting you around. We try our very best to meet your needs and support you out of food poverty. If you have got room in your freezer and might benefit from a bit of extra frozen food, please do let us know, and if we have food we can top you up with, we will.

4 - Instagram, Please Follow Us!

We are quite new on instagram … so we need all the support (followers) we can get! We are just getting to grips with the messaging and using lots of different types of images and we just found boomerang!! Whoop whoop – bare with us whilst we explore in our clumsy amateur style, and enjoy the ride!

5 - Go Fund Me - We Need Replacement Community Van!

Our community van ‘Annie II’ lost her subframe on the last MOT, she has served us well during the heart of lockdown, but we desperately need to continue our community work, and the only way to do it is with the correct type of vehicle. We are looking for a library bus type of vehicle that we can walk through any leave the stock inside it rather than have to remove all of the crates to put on a table. Many of our volunteers struggle with the physical aspect of running pop ups, so we are trying to make it easier to manage. We are hoping to raise about £6000 to achieve this.

6 - linkedin. Our Company Profile

It’s a lot of work keeping up to date with everything, ha ha! So many accounts, so many profiles, if only there was just one! We not only have a company profile, but our boss has a business profile too

7 - PayPal A Donation With

We have lots of different ways to fundraise, we really appreciate the value of paypal as an option as often people sell things on eBay, are paid into their paypal account and then the money sits in there, like using it as a bank. Hopefully by popping this link here – if you have ‘spare’ funds in your paypal, you might like to help support the project. Many thanks!! Lea

8 - Twitter. Tweet & Retweet To Save The Planet

Our twitter account is linked to our instagram –  please do follow us! We are spread very thin, so do confess to not being very with it over there, I’m sorry. We will always appreciate re-tweets likes and comments (if they are nice comments ha ha!). If we miss a twitter storm that you think we should be a part of, do give us a shout!

Pay It Forward is a movement worldwide where people can pay in advance for someone else’s food/drink. We have set up a live database for cafés/restaurants to register if they offer any scheme similar, so that anyone in need can search for their nearest! Please encourage any cafés that you know to register if they offer anything similar.